Town of Bunker Hill

101 West Broadway
Bunker Hill, IN 46914


Bunker Hill
Text Alert Service

By email or by text message, Bunker Hill Town Council is excited to launch a new system of keeping residents informed! Text messaging has become a common form of communication in today's society. According to the Wireless Association, roughly 4.9 billion text messages are sent every day. And the Town of Bunker Hill has joined those numbers. The town will be launching a new mobile messaging service. February 1, 2014 Mobile messaging is used by various companies and groups to keep subscribers up to date on events. Reminders and information is literally available at your fingertips. The Town Council is really dedicated to informing the community about what we're doing and what's going on in the community!


The TEXT ALERT SERVICE provides on-the-go access to important information and services related to the TOWN OF BUNKER HILL. While there is no direct cost to the public imposed by the TOWN of BUNKER HILL to utilize the TEXT ALERT SERVICE, STANDARD DATA FEES AND TEXT MESSAGING RATES MAY APPLY BASED ON YOUR PLAN WITH YOUR MOBILE PHONE CARRIER. As mobile access and text message delivery is subject to your mobile carrier network availability, such access and delivery is not guaranteed.


Please fill out the form using only your email if you wish to be contacted only by email. Fill out the form using only your mobile phone number and service provider if you wish to be contacted only by text message. Inputting both email and mobile phone number will mean that you will be sent an "ALERT" on your email and by text message.


You may opt out of the TEXT ALERT SERVICE at anytime for any reason by sending an e-mail to