Town of Bunker Hill

101 West Broadway
Bunker Hill, IN 46914


Les Briggs Community Pride Award

This Award is given out to a home in the community where the occupant has made an effort to make their property a better place. This was previously called the Bill and Betty Community pride award. The name was change to honor Les Briggs, a former member of the Town Council and Planning Commision.

If you have someone you would like to nominate for this award please foward the name and address of the property to


 Our August 2014 winner

416 N. Elm Street


Our July 2014 Winner

540 N. Elm Street



Our May 2013 Winner

Prescott Green Apartments

Our June 2013 Winner:

255 Market St and 217 Water St.

Our July 2013 Winner

383 Center St.